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2017 US Open Draw Results



A draw party for positions in the 2017 U.S. Open Polo Championship® took place Thursday, March 30, at IPC. Representatives of each of the six teams entered attended. Here are the draw results:


Bracket I:
1. Flexjet
2. Coca-Cola
3. Orchard Hill


Bracket 2:
4. Audi
5. Travieso
6. Valiente




The following procedures apply:
After bracket games are completed, all teams are ranked 1st through 6th. In the event of a tie, who-beat-who will be used if possible. Tied teams that have not played each other will have a one-man shootout. The top two go straight to the semifinal; 3rd-6th play a mini-quarter (3 vs. 6; 4 vs. 5).


Semifinal pairings: Mini-quarter winners will be ranked as third and fourth. In the event of a tie between the quarterfinal winners, who-beat-who will be used if possible; otherwise there will be a one-man shootout.


Semifinal I: 1st from bracket play vs. 4th
Semifinal II: 2nd from bracket play vs. 3rd




Tournament schedule


Wednesday April 5
5pm Orchard Hill vs. Valiente


Thursday April 6
11am Flexjet vs. Audi
5pm Coca Cola vs. Travieso


Sunday April 9
10am Orchard Hill vs. Audi
Noon Coca Cola vs. Valiente
3pm Flexjet vs. Travieso


Wednesday April 12
10am Flexjet vs. Valiente
12:30pm Coca Cola vs. Audi
5pm Orchard Hill vs. Travieso


Sunday April 16*
Noon Mini Quarterfinal
3pm Mini Quarter final


Wednesday April 19
11am Semifinal I
5pm Semifinal II


Saturday April 22
5pm Hall of Fame Cup Final


Sunday April 23
3pm Final of the 2017 US Open Polo Championship




Marc Ganzi 2
Nic Roldan 8
Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8T
Magoo Laprida 8


Gillian Johnston 2
Julian de Lussaretta 7
Julio Arellano 8
Miguel Novillo Astrada 9


Melissa Ganzi A
Nico Pieres 8
Rodrigo Andrade 9
Gonzalo Pieres 9


Orchard Hill
Steve Van Andel 1
Polito Pieres 10
Facundo Pieres 10
Juan Chavanne 5


Teo Calle 1
Alfredo Capella 9
Sebastian Merlos 9
Mariano Gonzales 7

Bob Jornayvaz 2
Matias Torres Zavaleta 6
Adolfo Cambiaso 10
Diego Cavanagh 8