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Good news for the ardent supporters of the polo
which is the equestrian discipline offering an outstanding moment of tradition.


After ten years of absence, INTERNATIONAL POLO CUP 2017 returns from the 29th of June to the 2nd of July at the Polo club of Lyon - Plain of Ain.

Meet us on the 900 ha Industrial estate of the Plain of Ain, avenue of Sheepfolds 01150 St Vulbas, to see this fascinating sport which is one of the oldest equestrian activities still practiced nowadays.
The Polo Club of Lyon with his president Christophe Levrat, and POLO 1987 with Jean Milbert and Frédéric Vital Durand, intend to make this beautiful sports event allying elegance and performance come back with a new team, a newly drawn village and involved partners.

The players of the big nations of polo such as Argentina, Chile, Spain, France, Peru, Switzerland and Uruguay have already all answered presents.
A beautiful adventure which began in 1987 when the French Federation entrusted the Polo Club of Lyon with the organization of the French championships of Polo. A big challenge, but especially a total success for so many years.
During the length of the manifestation, all the team of POLO 1987 will welcome you in the village of International Polo Cup and will provide you with various areas, including the restoration assured noon and evening by a renowned caterer, a lounge, a bar, a creative/trade space, as well as privative changing rooms and a VIP lounge as closely as possible to the ground.
Thursday, the 29th of June - POLO WHITE PARTY
Friday, the 30th of June - BOHEME CHIC PARTY -
Saturday, the 1st of July - POLO GARDEN PARTY – 30 years already / Night & Day 
Sunday, the 2nd of July -PALERMO DAY, from 12pm, Bodega & Asado Argentinian
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POLO CUP OF LYON, a sportive and friendly event, representing perfectly the lifestyle of the Polo "Rendez-vous from the 29th of June to the 2nd of July, 2017    

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