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Superb Royal Salute Whisky Created Specifically for Polo

England's Noted High Goal Polo Star & Royal Salute Ambassador Malcolm Borwick introduces a divine 21 year old Polo Edition Whisky at The Hurlingham Club, Fulham, London. Alberto Van De Mye Reports . . .


"Hello all and on behalf of Royal Salute, I welcome you to this very special afternoon, here at The Hurlingham Club. To introduce myself – my name is Malcolm Borwick and I am the Polo Ambassador for Royal Salute . . ."
Malcom Borwick introduces the exclusive tasting
And so Royal Salute's world launch of their exciting new blended Scotch Whisky, 21 Polo Edition commences.

"I’ve been combining my two dearest passions of polo and whisky for Royal Salute since 2009," the popular two time former British Polo Team Captain and current 6 goal polo player continues.

"Today is a momentous day for Royal Salute as we celebrate the global release of an all new limited edition expression, Royal Salute 21 Year Old !" He's talking about of course, the charismatic ceramic corked bottle of blended whisky infront of each of us at our afternoon foray into the intoxicatingly luxurious world of Royal Salute.

POLO-Edition-24 SmallCleverly chosen, the venue was naturally, The Hurlingham Club. A setting of outstanding beauty and deep rooted heritage. One significant step in that history dates back to the late 1800’s and the introduction of polo to England and to The Hurlingham Club. The Club became and remained until the Second World War, the headquarters of polo for the British Empire. The launch event held in the very room where the rules of modern polo were written.

The new whisky is presented in elegant green iconic hand crafted flagons, with a distinct polo theme unique to the limited edition. A delicate liquid that has been carefully crafted< as a lighter blend to be enjoyed in moments just like this and outside, under the beautiful sunshine. It is brighter in texture and tone designed to be enjoyed during the day at sport events such as polo, cricket or horse racing.

FullSizeRenderWhat is also making the day special is that we are being joined by Royal Salute Director of Blending Sandy Hyslop. Sandy has the prestigious responsibility of overseeing development of all the high quality blends from the distillery in Strathisla, Scotland and it is his passion, knowledge and expertise that has led to the creation of this new blend Malcolm has invited us to celebrate.

"You may be wondering why we chose The Hurlingham Club as our setting." our host continues. "Being such a noble game, many of the values of polo are inherent in the values of Royal Salute – skill, integrity, respect – and we have been celebrating this perfect pairing of the ‘Sport of Kings’ and ‘King of Whiskies’ for around 10 years.

Today, we’ll be heading outside into these stunning grounds where I’ll guide you through the fundamental skills needed to play the sport. But, before then – please do enjoy the canapés and the Polo Spritz cocktails which are being crafted today especially for you."

A gourmet three course luncheon followed, complimented with several Royal Salute whiskies and a fun filled afternoon on the beautiful polo fields of Hurlingham. All Royal Salute's guests regardless of polo playing credentials were enlightened by our eleagant and mighty game first hand. Needless to say we were legless afterwards and Royal Salute provided chauffeured motor cars for all.

Sandy Hyslop leads the exclusive tasting 1

L Sandy Hyslop M Eve Simmons R Flo Wales Bonner

L Sarah Finley M Adrian Smith R Sandy Hyslop

Sandy Hyslop leads the exclusive tastingMalcolm Borwick Polo Clinic

Sheltering from the downpour L to R Monicha Tully Stephanie Pak Malcom Borwick Flo Wales Bonner Sarah Finley


L to R Andre McLeod Sophie Spencer Malcolm Borwick Lisa HuangL to R Malcolm Borwick Cherelle PattersonMalcolm Borwick leads the Polo Clinic. L to R Lydia Collins Cherelle Patterson Flo Wales Bonner Eve Simmons Monicha Tully


Malcom Borwick leads the Polo ClinicSarah Finley

Far L Andre McLeod L Elaine Mahar RAlberto Van Der Mye Far L Emily Yarwood



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This superb whisky will be available globally from September for $147

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