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Inside Polo 19

INSIDE POLO with Ron Allen


America’s biggest polo tournament is about to get underway in south Florida with eleven teams entered in the United States Open Polo Championship. But Americans are sadly missing from the team line-ups. Forty-four players are involved and only eleven are American born. Twenty-six are Argentine, including all eight of the worlds 10 goaler players.


The same eleven teams that competed in the Gold Cup are playing in the Open. The teams have been divided into three brackets with five in Bracket 1 and three each in Brackets 2 and 3. The four best teams in Bracket one will advance to the quarterfinals and the four best from two and three also advance.


Ron allen 19 1


Players and press at the Open draw


Bracket I   - Audi , Coca-Cola Zorzal , ERG , Valiente


Bracket II  - Piaget   Faraway   Orchard Hill  



Bracket II  - Lechuza    Alegria  Zacara


The stronger teams are in Bracket three and the first day of competition is March 28th with a double header between Audi & Coca-Cola and Zorzal vs. ERG. The championship match is slated for April 21st. Zacara is the defending champion. That team remains intact with the same four players who won the 2012 title: Lyndon Lea, Magoo LaPrida, Facu Pieres and Mike Azzaro.


ronallen19 2Sky view of Americas premier polo club


Ron Allen is the polo commentator for ESPN Television and Pololine TV